Why Alpha Omega Epsilon?

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a unique social and professional organization that builds a foundation for lifelong bonds of sisterhood. While participating in all the aspects of a traditional social sorority, we also promote ideals and objectives which further the advancement of female engineers and scientists. We encourage our members to promote integrity, character, honesty, and self-confidence while promoting unity, friendship, and professionalism.

Who can join?

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a sorority composed of female engineering and science students. We use an inclusive definition of female that includes trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people. Anyone with a STEM major or career interest in STEM is eligible to join! Sophomores and juniors are recruited in the fall. Freshman and sophomores are recruited in the spring. Feel free to sign up for our interest list at any time to stay updated on future events!

Open recruitment: 7-9pm on 9/6, 9/7, 9/8

Fall 2022 Open Recruitment

Meet the Sisters: Tuesday September 6th 7-9 pm EST
Multipurpose Room of NCHW

Plant Pot Painting: Wednesday September 7th 7-9 pm EST
Living Room of NCHW

Philanthropy: Thursday September 8th 7-9 pm EST
Living Room of NCHW

Everyone is welcome to come to open recruitment! Recruits must attend two open events to be considered for closed recruitment. Closed recruitment will be by invitation only

Recruitment Contact

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